I provide cheap and affordable editing services to writers and bloggers. 


For enquiries, please email me at: hannahcartwright96@gmail.com





£10 per ten pages | £1 per page

Each piece of writing will receive a basic level of editing for any glaring issues such as spelling and grammar.


Intensive Editing:

£20 per ten pages | £2 per page

Each piece of writing will receive an intensive level of editing, including spelling, grammar, syntax, and inconsistencies within the story / writing.


Blog Posts:

£5 per 500 words | £1 per 100 words

This will include an intensive edit and proofread of the blog post.


I will also provide one page of editing for free per writer. This will give you the chance to see if you agree with my editing style and wish to work with me. It also gives me the chance to see if I'm the right editor for your work! 

Qualifications and Experience:


Degree in English with Creative Writing


Member of The National Trust Publishing Project - assisted with editing the most recent publication. (Will be linked here once released!)


Assisted with the editing and proofreading of The Soul of Lyskerrys by Robert Beck. (Again, link will be included after publication!)