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2019 Goals - How Did I Do?

Last year I decided to make myself a set of goals to achieve by the end of 2019. I’ve never been good at keeping resolutions so thought a few goals spread over twelve months would be much more achievable. If you want to read my original post, the link is here.

Here’s an update with how I got on!

Goal 1: Learn to Drive


I was so determined to achieve this one. I had lessons booked for the beginning of February and money put aside to pay for them. I had 2-4 hours of driving each week and even booked my test in the summer. However, I found that trying to complete my final term of Uni, work part-time and commute home every weekend took up most of my time and mental space. I then found out I would be moving to London and would have no need for a car. I made the decision to put driving on hold for a few years until I would have more need for it.

Goal 2: Graduate University


This one was almost certain to happen anyway, unless I drastically failed on my final two pieces of coursework. I didn’t get the grades I wanted but I still did it. I have a degree! A highlight of 2019!

Goal 3: Get a Job


I got quite a few jobs in 2019; I had a two-week work experience placement at Penguin. I worked for four months in Waterstones. And I ended the year with a placement at McGraw Hill, where I’m going to be working for at least the first month of 2020. I still don’t have a permanent full-time job but I’m not unemployed either!

Goal 4: Use Less Plastic


I’ve made a conscious effort this year to use less plastic and generate less plastic waste, as I’m sure most of us are doing! There are definitely more things that I could be doing but I’m getting there!

Goal 5: Stop Buying Take Away Coffee Cups


I haven’t stopped completely, but I am getting there. I have recently bought a Stojo coffee cup which has been a game changer. It flattens down so small that it can fit in my pocket. It’s been perfect for popping in my bag every time I leave the house. I haven’t gone anywhere near a single use cup since!

Goal 6: Switch to Shampoo and Soap Bars


I switched to shampoo and conditioner bars early in 2019. But unfortunately, I didn’t stick with them for long. I really didn’t like using them and my hair felt awful for months. I did however switch to soap bars and have stuck to them. Small steps!

Goal 7: Try More Vegan Meals


I’ve really enjoyed trying more vegan food this year and this is something I’m going to keep doing in 2020. There are so many vegan options available that are often the most appealing thing on the menu.

Goal 8: Write More Blog Posts


I’ve written lots more this year than ever before. This has been helped largely by publishing my dissertation in blog form!

Goal 9: Read More Blog Posts


I’ve read so many blog posts and fallen in love with so many new blogs this year! It’s been my main motivation to keep posting.

Goal 10: Read More Books


I’ve read 30 books in 2019, which is more than usual. Graduating from Uni has freed me of the dreaded termly reading lists and allowed me to read what I want. I’m also spending over ten hours a week commuting to and from work which has given me plenty of time to read.

Overall, I think I’ve done well with my 2019 goals and can’t wait to get started on my goals for 2020!

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