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University Life Part 1: I'M GRADUATING!

I'm Graduating!

I’ve finished University! Four years of studying have finally come to an end and in ten weeks’ time, I will be graduating! Until then, each week I will be posting a story / anecdote / lesson from my time at University! I hope any future students find this helpful! Or if you’re a graduate, like me, feel free to share some of your experiences in the comments! I’d love to hear them!

Spontaneous Nerf Gun War

University: The best years of your life. You’re going to make friends that’ll become your family, you’re going to get drunk a lot, you might even try drugs. You might have a few one-night stands. And maybe you’ll meet the love of your life. There’ll be some Uni work in there too. You’re gonna skip a few seminars, sleep through those dreaded 9am lectures, you’re gonna get firsts and you’re gonna get 3rds. You’re gonna have hangovers that’ll put you off drinking for life, or at least until the next house party. You’re gonna do things you regret. Probably caused by the alcohol. You’re gonna struggle with money. You’re gonna struggle with housing. You’re gonna feel lonely. You're gonna feel like you've failed. You’re gonna wish you worked harder to get those firsts. But, you’re gonna get a degree. You’re gonna graduate. And you’re gonna feel so bloody proud of yourself when you do.

This is all part of the experience and the things that help to build the person you become on the other side. The person walking across that stage in a graduation gown to collect their degree, will not be anything like the person that walked into that dorm room all those years before. And this is what makes the Uni experience so great.

Check back every Wednesday at 5pm for a new post about my life at Uni! I’ll be discussing student accommodation, throwing parties, changing courses, and more!

Thanks for reading!

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