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University Life Part 2: Expectations and Applications

Expectations and Applications

My experience of Uni started the moment I decided I wanted to go, when I first had an expectation of what Uni would be to me. Through visits to my older sister and attending open days, I could already picture myself living there. I wanted to be at the artsy Uni where people were more laid back and less academic. I wanted to be by the sea, so I could go to the beach all the time and read a book with the sea glistening over the tops of the pages. I wanted to go out with all my new friends every night, drinking and dancing. I wanted a beautiful dorm room adorned in fairy lights and polaroids of me and my friends. I wanted firsts in everything and to be top of my class because finally, I was studying something I found interesting. I wanted the ultimate Uni experience, and I was going to get it.

View of Gylly Beach in Falmouth

So I applied to study Film at the artsy seaside-town Uni, making it my first and only choice. Despite me originally declaring to my parents that I wanted to get as far away from them as possible, I actually opted for a Uni really close to home. I had wanted to be cool and independent, and having my parents rock up every weekend was going to severely cramp my style. But there was no chance of this ever happening because A. Whose parents can be bothered to visit every weekend, and B. I had no style to cramp. Also, just moving out of my parents’ house gave me that independence I wanted without being on the other side of the country to them.

After the application came the stress of waiting. The self-doubt made an appearance too. Should I have even applied? Should I take a gap year? Am I smart enough? Do I even want to go to Uni? So many questions going around and around. The wait felt never-ending. I was torn between wanting to start buying things and fearful of jinxing it if I bought so much as a tea towel. I panicked every time Mum dared to try and buy anything, convinced that if that item made it to the till then I would lose my chance of ever getting into Uni. It was ridiculous and irrational because of course, it would all be down to my grades. But when you’re so set on doing something that is completely out of your control, your mind tricks you into thinking there are ways to take back this control.

“Your Place Has Been Confirmed.”

I couldn’t wait for results day to roll around and put me out of this misery. I still remember the horrible sick feeling I had that morning. I sat there at 7:59am refreshing the UCAS page over and over again, waiting for the results to appear. The wait was worth it when those words appeared on my screen; ‘Congratulations. Your place has been confirmed.’ The relief was like climbing into a warm bubble bath; with the hard work and prep done, it was time to sit back and relax, light a candle, read a book; I was going to Uni.

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