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University Life Part 6: Throwing a Party / Destroying the House

Throwing a Party / Destroying the House

Throwing flat parties is a lot easier when you’re living in a space that you know is only temporary. If something gets broken, you find a way to fix it or it comes out of your deposit. It’s not the end of the world. During the excitement of making a Facebook event and decorating the kitchen, you’re not thinking about the consequences. All we were ever concerned with was whether people would show up or not. They would either end up being average parties with just a few people showing up or they would be the kind where your house gets trashed by people you didn’t even invite. Our first experience of this was a couple of months into our first year when we decided to throw a Tiki-themed party.

The kitchen had one of its rare deep cleans – a flat effort to make the room presentable for our guests (only for us to trash it again). We decorated it from floor to ceiling in florals, paper lanterns, and inflatable palm trees. Leis hung by the door, ready for our guests to wear on arrival. We even had a face painter. (A talented illustration student looking to make a bit of extra money.) Dressed in our best floral print clothes with Lilo and Stitches’ Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride blaring, we were ready to pour our drinks and enjoy the night.

The party was like any other. We were all drunk within a couple of hours, dancing and screaming along to the music. The kitchen was crammed with people, making it a little hard to move too much. I was starting to get sweaty too. My clothes were clinging to my damp skin and I could feel my make-up threatening to fall down my cheeks. I guess my housemates had been thinking the same thing because before I knew it, a hand appeared above me, offering to pull me up onto the table. I took it and climbed up. Our kitchen table had become a stage and we were all loving it.

I climbed back down after a few songs and someone else immediately took my spot. It was like this for the rest of the night, people taking turns to dance on our makeshift stage. I flitted in and out of the kitchen, alternating between talking to friends in the hallway and dancing in the kitchen when I heard a good song. On one of my trips to the hallway, my conversation was interrupted by a huge crash in the kitchen and the music ending abruptly. My housemates and I rushed in. Pushing through the crowd, I reached the middle to find a heap of people lying crumpled on the floor, our kitchen table flattened underneath them. Thankfully no one was hurt. We helped everyone up, propped the table against the wall and pushed the bent legs to one side. The music started back up again and the party carried on.

Examining the damage the following morning, we weren’t sure how we could explain this one to maintenance as an accident. We chose not to and propped the table up on boxes and used cushions as seats, dining each day cross-legged on the floor. This worked well for a while until they came over to fix something else and enquired as to why our table looked like this. We told them we’d ordered too much food from Asda and it had caused the table to cave. They didn’t believe a word we said but fixed the table anyway. I’m sure they’d seen worse in other student flats!

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