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University Life Part 7: Throwing a Party / Destroying the House 2.0

Throwing a Party / Destroying the House 2.0

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Our second experience of a party that got a little out of hand was about a year later when we were living in our new house in town. It was bigger than our flat making it a better place to host a party. With Halloween approaching, it was the perfect excuse. Again, we made a Facebook event, decorated the house, and got dressed up. People began to arrive and drinks were poured. Hours later though, people were still arriving. And drinks were still being poured. Some making it into cups, some going straight onto the kitchen floor.

As midnight approached, I had some concerns over when this party would be ending. Normally, around this time, people would start to leave but every time I turned around I found more people arriving, people I didn’t even recognise.

I headed out into the garden for some fresh air and realised that things were a lot worse than I’d first thought. Having a house full of people was a problem, but we’d get them out eventually. What I didn’t expect was for our garden to look like a festival crowd; everyone crammed in together, smoking and drinking, not a single patch of grass left. All I could do was stare.

‘Excuse me, sorry.’ A hand appeared on my shoulder, gently moving me to one side. I apologised and stepped aside to let the person through and stared in complete disbelief as a group of middle-aged biker men walked past me. They definitely were not invited. As I turned around my housemates had appeared with the same panicked looks. ‘What do we do?’ ‘I don’t know!’ ‘How do we get them out?’ ‘I don’t know!’ ‘Maybe we just need to ride it out. They’ll leave eventually, right?’

Wrong. These people had no intention of leaving any time soon. I sat on the steps outside the back door, feeling exceedingly tired and grumpy. I hoisted the top of my outfit up for the millionth time that night, cursing how annoying and impractical Halloween costumes were. My hair itched from the amount of hairspray I was wearing, and I knew without even having to look that my eye make-up was everywhere but my eyes. I looked and felt like a complete mess and I wanted this party to be over.

Someone tried to push me out of the way to get into the house. I blocked him.

‘Let me through, my friends are in there.’

‘Who invited you? Who’s your friend?’

‘What? No, my friends in there, let me past.’

‘Yeah sure, who invited you, though?’

‘Lena did.’

‘Okay, well, she doesn’t live here so no you can’t come in.’

He argued with me for a while, failing to understand that this was my house. In the end, I got a ‘fuck you’ and he left. I’d had enough and wanted everyone to leave with him.

I ran inside and grabbed one of my housemates. ‘We’re getting them out right now.’ I turned all the lights on and the fairy lights off. She unplugged the speakers, stopping the music mid-song. ‘Party’s over! Everyone leave!’ I ran out the back door into the garden and shouted the same to the festival crowd. At first, they looked at me, motionless. ‘Leave now!’ Slowly, a few people started to walk away and the rest followed. I went back inside and locked the back door.

Twenty minutes later, we sat in Ben’s bed eating toast and drinking tea, silent, shocked. No one knew how it got so bad. None of us wanted to inspect the damage. The doors were all locked and everyone had left, which was enough for us at 2am.

About a week later, we had a knock at the door. ‘Hi, we’re from the council and we received some noise complaints from a party held here last week.’ I held the door open and stood back. ‘Yeah, you better come in.’ They laughed. ‘So, you know you were a bit too loud then?’

Luckily the two men were very understanding of our situation, they’d heard of lots of parties getting a bit out of control. They weren’t there to tell us off, but we did get a formal noise warning. They also informed us that should this happen again, we could call the police on ourselves. I can’t imagine the police being best pleased with this, but it was nice to know we had the option!

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